Update on Corona & Orders

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Update on corona and orders

Update on corona and orders

Now we are in a lockdown in the Uk & non essential businesses have been asked to close, orders are currently on pause.

Literally this means that no orders can be placed from the online shop for ready to wear headpieces and hats until further notice and the checkout is currently closed & disabled and also that no orders are currently being sent out.

Bespoke orders are a little different & slightly in limbo, as a lot of bespoke orders can be done online and remotely. So for more info please click on read more.

Behind The Scenes - Pararphrasing

Behind The Scenes - Pararphrasing

NEW feature post on behind the scenes. This month a lesson in paraphrasing.

I wasn't sure if I was going to talk about this. But as writing my newsletter this morning I realised it was something we should be aware of in today's society. Especially in light of a really heartbreaking suicide at the weekend, that completely broke my heart as it didn't need to get that far.


What the Colour Lilies are all about

What the Colour Lilies are all about

The Colour Lilies are a collection of made to order headpieces, designed to be an alternative to sculptural and larger millinery, for those occasions when you just don't want to wear a bigger hat, have already spent too much on your accommodation & travel, or if bigger hats just aren't your bag!

They come in a range of styles and each petal can be custom chosen to match your outfit. In terms of waste they are also really sustainable as each petal only uses a small square of fabric. It also means I can work with dressmakers using their waste and offcuts from pattern cutting, using up every tiny bit of fabric.

The Capalog

Caps are now available via the sister brand The Capalog. Capalog was launched 1st July 2019 and is a result of years of pattern cutting caps for various theatrical commissions & hours of geeky research.

To check out the collection & learn more follow the link below