Wide Pale Ivory Synthetic Tulle

Wide Pale Ivory Synthetic Tulle

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Wider tulle for statement long veils. So for chapel and cathedral gowns they often have a long train, when choosing a veil it's sometimes a consideration if you want your veil to be wider than the train of the dress.

As tulle is all fabric bought by the metre for the wider tulles, there are limits on the width of the fabrics. So for wider veils there are only a couple of options & it costs a little bit more. But sometimes is worth it for those few inches. But it's up to you how important that is!

This tulle is the one that most of the veils are made of. It is really nice quality one to choose without blowing the budget. It has a lot of the characteristics of the fancier more luxurious silk tulle but has a bit more body, so it holds it’s shape more.

It is available in pale & medium ivory and in two widths. So if you have a really wide train on your dress and you want your veil to be bigger then you can definitely pick this tulle.

To get an estimate for a veil with this tulle please select the veil length from the drop down before adding to cart. Please note only longer floor lengths veils are listed, as it is normally only used for those.