Hot Pink Penelope Hat with Pink Couture Pleather Curl

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Occasion wear hat with a peggy shaped base & handmade couture curl lined with pink pleather.

This is a fancy version of the Peggy hat, with a sculptured curl for added dimension and height.

The gorgeous fabric on this hat has a multicoloured triangular pattern with vibrant striking colours including red, purple, lilac and a khaki green & was sourced from one of the oldest fabric streets in London, which is slowly fading away. The base of the hat is in the Peggy shape, and can be seen throughout the collection. The curl has been made using old school couture blocking and wiring techniques, and has been lined with a candy shade of hot pink synthetic leather.

Hat is fastened by elastic that goes underneath the hair and can be ordered in a shade to match your individual hair colour.

This style is also available to order in custom fabric choices to match an outfit.

This hat takes a little bit more work to make and is ready to send out in 10-14 days. Comes packed in it's own custom hat box.