Custom Quad Colour Lily Gift

Custom Quad Colour Lily Gift

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This is the listing for a Custom Quad Colour Lily Headband that has already been purchased for you.

Step One

Browse the colour charts & pick your petal colours, up to four different coloured petals, you can have a different coloured petal for each flower or all the same. The stamen are black and white and the flowers are added to a black headband.

There is a page of mini colour charts for inspiration to choose from here:


Or just choose your fave colours!

Step Two

Add your headband to the cart & fill out your address details

Step Three

Wait for it to arrive!

NB: Post and packaging has already been paid for you by the buyer of this gift, so all you need to do is pick your colours and fill out your name & address details. 

*Shown are the pink & blue magpie colour combos.