Colour Lily Swatch Card

Colour Lily Swatch Card

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TITLE: Colour Lily Swatch Card

Fabric Petal swatch or shade card for the Colour Lily Headpieces. This little card with mini silk petals is for the Custom Colour Lily headbands, to be used for reference before ordering from the Colour Lily headband range.

This shade card is handy to help colour match to your dress, wedding theme or other elements of your wedding, bridesmaid dresses or outfit. So you can be sure of the shades of the petals before ordering, take it to fittings for bridesmaid dresses for example & to check against the colour of your dresses. Please note that when looking at the colour chart that colours will always vary on computer screens and mobile phones. Single versions of the swatch card are also available if you would just like to check a few colours.

These have also been designed to make a nice little wedding memento to any scrapbooking brides out there. Based on vintage button cards, which I seriously recommend following on eBay and pinterest, which was an industry standard in the clothes making industry, these are also great for fans of vintage typography.

These can give you a little piece of mind on colours if you are trying to plan as many elements as possible for your wedding ahead of time, and are maybe thinking of ordering some colour lilies for your wedding party but don’t quite have the budget to buy everything all at once.

You can pick up to 12 shades of petal and there are 52 to choose from at the moment, with more available, so don’t panic if you can’t see the exact shade you would like, as a LOT MORE colours can also be sourced on request*.

For the colour chart please see the product photo pics for reference, and select from the drop down menu’s.

Swatch cards are sent in the post first class within 1-2 business days after ordering.

*If you don't see your colour, or one you would really really like, then just drop me a separate message with a pic of your bridesmaids dresses or a ref pic of the colour and I will see what I can find to match and get back to you asap with options. Fabric sourcing and matching is apart of what I offer with bespoke millinery, so please don't be afraid to ask, after all why shouldn't you be able to pick your favourite colour when there are lots more available. The 52 is just a starting point and I always want to add more colours to the chart!


**PLEASE NOTE, when looking at the colour chart that colours will always vary on computer screens and mobile phones**