Tulle is the material that the body of the veil is made from. It is available in multiple shades and different weights and qualities.

The tulle that is used for the veils in the lace book are delicate and have been specifically sourced to be lightweight and effortless. Below is a bit more info about each one and some pics of veils that have been made from each one.

Tulle sample are also available to order online here to get an idea yourself.

Classic Synthetic Tulle

This tulle is the veil I use most, it is really nice quality one to choose without blowing the budget. It has a lot of the characteristics of the fancier more luxurious silk tulle but has a bit more body, so it holds it’s shape more.

It is available in multiple shades of ivory, including pale ivory, medium, bone, champagne, white & black and two widths. So if you are looking for a really wide veil with lots of volume then this works well.


Silk Tulle

This tulle is the most luxurious tulle to go for, it is so delicate and soft that is almost like cobwebs, (but not as sticky!) & is very soft to handle. It is a gorgeous tulle for vintage styles of veil and makes the extra special difference.

It is also available in multiple shades of ivory, and it can generally be matched to the shades of your dress & it's super softness & period qualities works well when used with darker ivory lace edges.

Pale Ivory Dotted Tulle

This tulle is a recent new addition to my stock, it has little spots all over it and is a lovely striking period looking tulle. It is available in pale ivory and a limited supply of black for those going for a halloween or gothic themed wedding. I find it works really well with gold and silver lace and with a raw edge.