Ordering a Veil

How Ordering a Veil Works

What happens if I would like to order a veil? Firstly, drop an email or fill out the enquiry form to get in touch.

Veils can be ordered wherever you are in the country.

First Email

Firstly we talk about all the elements, so your dress if you already have one, if you’ve got a pic, then that would be great, include it! If it’s currently being altered, then a pic from the designers website or link also works fine.

When’s the wedding date? (Hypothetically right now!) Have you got any accessories or feature detail that you really like on your dress?

Feel free to bombard me with as much detail as you like, what length of veil you were thinking of, if there’s a style in mind that you’ve already seen, either here in the style catalogue, or a random pic you’ve found or not found, then talk about that too! It’s also more than ok if you don’t know how to describe it, or if you even don’t 100% know what you what yet!

I’ve definitely learnt along way that it’s part of my job to help guide you and that I often need to work out how to word what style you are trying to describe! So please don’t feel scared of not knowing the correct words. Sidenote if it helps have a quick scan of the veil lingo page!

After initial enquiry

Emails can take as long as you need, there is absolutely no pressure to order a veil or book a fitting or commit straight away.

Tulle samples can also be ordered online before paying a deposit, so you can see if it's worth going down the route of having a veil made.

If you go ahead - Deposit

To order a veil then a £45 deposit is needed first. You don't need to 100% choose a style or lace at this point, just have a vague idea of what you are looking for.


Lace Samples

Lace samples are normally next. After a deposit, if you would like a lace edge then we get looking for lace edges that you might like. This normally takes a few weeks while I search through all the suppliers for you & wait for them to send out samples also. Then once I have them all, lace samples are sent to you, for you to choose from.

The lace sample search is normally based on looking for lace patterns that would go with any lace pattern in your dress and also based on any preferences we might have discussed via email. So if your dress is a certain shade of ivory or if you’re interested in a particular detail, like a Juliet cap or wider lace on the veil train for example.

Tulle samples are also sent out for you to pick between, if you haven’t already picked one. All the lace samples and tulle samples are labelled with the price too, so you can work out which works for you and if you want to go for a fancier one or not.

Lace sampling can also be coordinated with any dress fittings you have too, as I strongly recommend checking samples with your dress. It’s sounds bonkers but there are a ridiculous amount of shades of ivory and it’s only in real life that a lot of them become really obvious.

Once everything is chosen - Instalments

Once you’ve chosen your lace detail and tulle for sure then the rest of the veil price (after the deposit) is either broken into two instalments, 50% of what is remaining to be paid before materials are ordered and 50% once complete. Or you can pay the full outstanding amount after the deposit. It’s totally up to you which one you choose, depending on what is preferable.

Materials to make your veil can't be ordered until an instalment is made, but it can be delayed until a pay day for example.

NB: At the moment during corona virus suppliers are still open and sending materials, just operating a little differently.


Normally I would recommend fittings for bridal veils. However with the current pandemic situation they are a little bit tricky and temporarily not available, but they're not always necessary too!

Fittings are preferable because they allow for you to try on veils and just see how you feel about the length and style, see the fabric in person and the subtle differences that won't be picked up in pictures. Let alone how your veil works with your dress and all the elements together. It's definitely advisable to check lace patterns together and subtle shades of ivory sometimes look similar on screens but totally wrong in real life.

Fittings are also preferable for things like working out the length for long veils and also the width if possible and how these in turn work with the length and width of your dress train. It often needs tweaking with either a couple of inches added or adjusted to compliment and the best way to measure is in a fitting.

However at the moment a lot of this can be done remotely and also as long as someone can use a tape measure then for now veils can be started, lace detail can be checked with samples in the post and fittings can be resumed as and when necessary. 

What if I’m not able to come to fittings?

If you're not local to Saltaire or would rather not travel at the moment, then not a problem. Fittings can also normally be arranged in London and veils can be ordered and made completely via email and post. It's a little more tricky to do without fittings, but is entirely possible. As long as you are happy to answer lots of questions, then bespoke veils can easily be done via email these days.

I am also more than happy to meet via zoom, if anything just to chat about what you are looking for and for your peace of mind.

**NB** At the moment with coronavirus, fittings are temporarily on hold. But should be able to resume once normality fingers crossed returns.

Completing your veil - How long does it take?

Making your veil depends on your wedding date and how quickly we find lace that you like, it ideally takes about 2-3 months to make in total, from start to finish. But this is only a guideline and it has changed with every bride, it is mainly based on finding appointment dates to suit, waiting for materials to be sent out and just the making time in general.

But veils can be made a lot quicker, if your wedding is sooner and I always try and accommodate around shift work and find fitting times that work for you. I once made a headpiece for a bride in three weeks because she hadn’t been able to find anything yet! That included last minute fittings and the making time!

Total Costs

Getting something bespoke isn't something that we do every day, it is totally understandable how foreign it can be and prices are normally the fear inducing factor..

The price plan is based on working with previous brides and making the process as straight forward as possible. Whilst also trying to give you a clear picture before getting in touch.

Also as a principle no lace or fabric is ordered without you seeing prices and lace & tulle options at different price points are always offered.

Prices are always discussed up front BEFORE any ordering is committed to. 


The veil cost is basically the making fees (based on the style of veil and how long it takes to make) and then the materials of the veil & the cost to buy them.

For more detailed info please see the Lace Book Prices page.