Ordering a Veil

How Ordering a Veil Works

What happens if I would like to order a veil? Veils can be ordered either via email and sent out to you or you can pop in for a fitting and a chat about what you are looking for.

Local Brides

If you are local, getting a bespoke veil normally starts with a free consultation at the millinery studio about what you are looking for & then two further fittings before the big day. 

Fittings can be booked via the Book a Fitting page or by dropping an email to chat.

Further Afield

If you're not local to Saltaire or Leeds, not a problem! Fittings can also be arranged in London and veils can be ordered and made completely via email and post. It's a little more tricky to do without fittings, but is entirely possible.

First Fitting/First Email

At the first consultation we talk about all the elements, the length, style & what your dress is like. You are also welcome to try on all the sample veils that are held at the studio, just to see what you feel comfortable wearing or get a taste of what you would like making or just wearing without buying.

The sample veils cover all styles and lengths and are a great way to get an idea without ordering anything. Please note there is absolutely no pressure to make any decision at the first consult.

If you want lace along the edge then we also look at different laces that you could have or would like. You can flick through the lace library in person and see samples in real life to get an idea of colours and textures.

If you go ahead - Next Step

To order a veil then a £45 deposit will need to be paid and confirmed. You don't need to choose a style at this point, just have a vague idea of what you are looking for and lace is not chosen at this point either. Tulle samples can also be ordered online before paying a deposit, so you can see if it's worth going down the route of having a veil made.

After a deposit, if you would like a lace edge then we get looking for ones that you might like. This normally takes a few weeks while I search through all the suppliers for you, for styles that would go with your dress pattern and also based on any preferences you might have specified.


Lace samples are then sent in the post for you to choose between.

Completing your veil

After this the process depends on your wedding date and how quickly we find lace that you like, it ideally takes about 2-3 months to make, but this is only a guideline, based on finding appointments to suit, but veils can be made a lot quicker, if your wedding is sooner and I always try and accommodate around shift work and find fitting times that work for you.

Total Costs

Getting something bespoke isn't something that we do every day, it is totally understandable how foreign it can be and prices are normally the fear inducing factor..

The price plan below is based on working with previous brides and making the process as straight forward as possible. Whilst also allowing for you to get an idea without getting in touch first. 

Also as a principle no lace or fabric is ordered without you seeing prices and options at different price points are always offered.


The set prices are based on the style of veil and how long it takes to make, and then the materials of the veil to buy them. Prices are always discussed up front BEFORE any ordering is committed to. 

A deposit for a veil costs £45 and can be paid either in person (card or cash) at a fitting or online via the bridal shop.

After the deposit the cost of the veil is only the style price plus the lace costs. When you get samples they are all labelled with the cost, so you can pick one to suit your budget before deciding.

When you pay for the veil and the lace, the deposit is taken off this cost.

For more details please drop an email for a chat and free quote or any queries in relation to getting a veil made!