Lace Book Prices

Prices for a Bridal Veil

So essentially how much does it cost to order a bespoke veil? What is the nitty gritty?

WELL How long is a piece of string?? Veils of all lengths are available to order through The Lace Book and they all have different variables, they can be made with classic tulle or silk tulle and some take longer than others to make.

Essentially prices are broken down into the making cost for a particular style and then the lace cost is separate.

The style can be changed as we go along making a veil and the lace trim can be changed also before purchase. All the prices are discussed up front and nothing is started without you knowing the cost first!

The most important thing is you having the right veil for your big day & I would hope one you love too

The shortest and simplest veils start at £110 and then the longest veil with lace all the way around the edge would be approximate £845. This would be with ten metres of the most expensive lace around the edge, so that's the most luxury veil ever!


A quick way to get an idea before getting in touch..

Follow these steps to get a quick quote now for a bespoke veil.

1) First have a peruse in The Style Catalogue & add that style to the cart.

2) Next pick a lace from the lace library for the edge then change the length to the corresponding length for that style. You won't be able to add it to the cart, as lace is always ordered especially for you, but it will give you an idea.

3) The total cost of a veil is only the style plus the lace. There are not extras after this unless you request them! Such as if you wanted silk tulle instead of classic tulle or extra beading or appliqué.