Lace Book Prices

Prices for a Bridal Veil

So essentially how much does it cost to order a bespoke veil? What is the nitty gritty?


WELL How long is a piece of string?? Veils of all lengths are available to order through The Lace Book and they all have different variables, they can be made with classic tulle or fancy silk tulle and also the longer ones obviously take longer than others to make. So it depends which one!

Veil making fees range from £85-£245. The shortest and simplest veils start at £85 and then the longest veil with lace all the way around the edge would be approximate £245, then plus lace. The longest veil I've made had 10m of lace all the way around, (this was for a tall lady!). So if you imagine the most expensive lace times by ten, it can add up quick! However I ALWAYS source different priced lace for brides, so you can control the final cost and veils are made to fit your budget.

As a guide, most veils cost approx £300-600 including both the making and lace costs. The making makes up half the cost and the materials the rest.

Bespoke Veil Making Fees 2020

Essentially prices are broken down into the making cost for a particular style and then the lace cost is separate.

The style can be changed as we go along making a veil and the lace trim can be changed also before purchase. All the prices are discussed up front and nothing is started without you knowing the cost first!

The most important thing is you having the right veil for your big day & I would hope one you love too

What do you actually get for the making fee?

I get it, the whole bloody wedding is expensive, so you want to know where every penny is going and it might seem to odd to have the fee separate to material costs. But this is as a result of working with previous brides and knowing what the process involves, I don't want you to get an invoice later that you hadn't prepared for and I want you to be in control of what you're ordering.

Essentially the making fee covers

-all the research & email consultations and brainstorming with you
-fittings (generally 2-3 per veil if possible)
-the sewing and making time for that veil

So that includes design and endless chats, you essentially get a human who is more than prepared to answer and brainstorm endless queries and decisions with you via emails before the big day. I won't get frustrated or impatient, as previous brides will I'm sure testify, I care about the little details & know how important and personal the choices you are trying to make are to you.

Also I'm the worst seller in the world, I won't be trying to convince you of anything, I am always very careful to let you make your own choices re length and materials. I'll help find lace with patterns to match your dress, definitely, but always still give you options. It's always really really important to me that you have a veil or hat that suits you as a person and reflects your own individual style and it's impossible for me to know more about that than you as a person!

A quick way to get an idea before getting in touch..


Follow these steps to get a quick quote now for a bespoke veil.

1) First have a peruse in The Style Catalogue & add that style to the cart. That's the making fee part of the cost of a veil.

2) Next pick your tulle and lace edge. All the lace edges are in the lace library and are listed by the length of the veil and all the tulle is also.

The length will be written in the description of the veil you pick in the style catalogue and there is also a quick pic of all the veil lengths on the veil lingo page.

NB: Please note that things like your height and the width of the train of your dress can alter the measurements for a bespoke veil. The making fee doesn't alter, but this might effect the amount of metres of lace or tulle needed for example.

For a more detailed quote please get in touch via the enquiry form or email.

Please also see the Ordering a Veil page about what to do next!