Fittings FAQ

What actually happens in a fitting?

We talk about what styles and shapes you like and don’t like, what event it is for, how far away it is. Also what you already know, like the details of your outfit such as length, colour, style and any details you love and want to feature. Anything that is important to you is considered!

Then you have the chance to try on some styles, to give you a better idea of which one to go for. If it is a new style based on a reference you have found then you can try on one as similar as possible.

How long is the fitting?

Fittings last between 15-45 minutes depending on your enquiry. I’ve had customers come and go in five minutes to collect a finished hat or still be there an hour later because we are that chatty.. If it is your first fitting then it generally takes about half an hour as we discuss everything.

Can we talk before the fitting?

Absolutely! This is definitely encouraged as it helps you know what to expect and it also means I can prep styles for you to try or fabrics for you to see in person. Just use the enquiry form on the site, or email on

Can I send you pics or create pinterest boards for my ideas and inspiration?

Definitely! I have had brides and customers do this before and you are more than welcome to create them and add me as a collaborator so I can see what you are looking for and like. The more info the better and I’ve def fallen down the pinterest rabbit hole myself. On Pinterest I am “jenlevetmillinery”

You can also email pics as well at any time in relation to your order. Again the more info the better.

What should I bring?

If the hat or veil you are looking for is to go with a dress then please feel free to bring it with you if you can and you have already picked it. There is a full length mirror at the studio so you can try things on with your dress and see what works. Especially for colour matching it is a really helpful to have it with you as colour varies in pictures on screens and in photographs. Please also bring any shoes or accessories that you were thinking of wearing.

Can I take swatches away with me?

If you see a colour you like during the fitting then you can definitely take a swatch away with you to keep for your reference.

I really don’t have a clue what style I am looking for, are there multiple ones to try?

Yes absolutely! I try to keep as many different sample styles in stock as possible, just for this reason. Sometimes the only way to find out what you like is to see it on. Please don’t be worried about having all the details set in stone before getting here. Most of the time getting a hat made grows as we go through the process and you pick elements you like and don’t like.

What access is there?

The studio is up two flights of stairs, so if you or anyone you bring with you has any mobility problems then do let me know in advance. If this is a problem then we can discuss alternate options to meet in the mill opposite which does have lifts and better access. And good cake and coffee too.

Can I bring people?

You are more than welcome to bring a couple of people with you, to help you choose options and make a decision but no more than three people, only due to space!

Can I bring my mum to get her hat or the opposite, I’m getting one and my daughter is still thinking about what to have, can I bring someone else who is curious but not sure yet too?

The more the merrier! You can even both have a discount on your orders if you both go ahead.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge for the first chat/fitting. If you want to go ahead with ordering something then a deposit would be taken at the end of the fitting to confirm before going ahead. But you are also welcome to go away and have a think if all the details are right for you. There is no obligation to confirm anything on the day.

What is the deposit fee?

The deposit fee is £25 and you don’t need to have this with you in cash. You can pay by card on the day or online later on once you have had a chance to decide.

Where are you?

The fitting studio is in the Piazza Offices at Salts Mill. The lovely people at the mill are slowly renovating lots of parts of the building in the mill and the offices are in the building next to the 1853 gallery on the ground floor. So not in the main building.

There’s a big green door to look out for and a sign next to it with all the businesses listed, so it’s easier to find than it sounds!

Salts Mill is just opposite Saltaire train station and trains go every half an hour from Leeds, but the train times are different on sunday, and heads up please check for train strikes as there have been a lot on Saturdays for the last year!

More info here

I have a fitting today but can’t find you..

Not a problem. You can ring or email and get directions. Please check your confirmation email for the studio telephone no & I will come and meet you no prob. It’s perfectly understandable when coming somewhere new!

Anything else?

If you have any more queries about fittings then please email on