Teal, Red, Black & Grey Feather Headband

Teal, Red, Black & Grey Feather Headband

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Teal and Red Feathers on Grey and Black Headband.

Feathered headpiece designed as a smaller alternative to the occasion wear hats. This one is made from black felt and greyscale wool fabric. The feather mount is made from handcut teal and dark feathers cut is a freestyle geometric pattern, with copper ferrules and teal stitching to finish off. The headband is a chrome silver metal band.

Handmade in the uk with sustainable practises in mind and as an cheaper alternative to the more labour intensive occasion hats, for those who want to treat themselves but don't have the spare pennies in the kitty.

Comes packed in a black recycled giftbox as a standard, so perfect for a gift or a treat for yourself.

All my products are sent 1st class signed for delivery.

For those who want to know about the origin of the materials, the copper ferrules came from a rigging company in the Uk, for an industrial twist and the feathers from a millinery supplier in the Uk. I always support local independent suppliers where possible, whether in this country or abroad.